Rooms Resort, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Day 2 In Jamaica and I’ve stopped in Ocho Rios, that’s a tourist district in the north of the island.

Map of Jamrock

                    Map of Jamrock

We are staying at Rooms Resort Ocho Rios. This is a pretty basic but decent hotel so if you’re looking for a low priced, relatively clean place – you can check them out but for now, you can check out my review below:

Let’s start with the Amenities: (2.5 / 5 stars)

Rooms boasts a small pool with a bar and deckside service available. A semi-private beach with very tranquil waters is a stone’s throw away from the pool.

I haven’t seen a gym or business centre (lost them a whole point!) but, there is a Slots room with about 6 machines so should you feel to gamble, Rooms has got you covered. *gambling start-up money not included* lol

There is also a Sundry shop with about 5 snacks (chips or chocolate only) on the sparse shelves. Toothburshes, toothpaste, sunscreen, batteries and beach shoes also available.

Hungry? You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner downstairs near the pool in the dining area (2.5 / 5 stars). Unfortunately, the food is just as uninspired as the decor. However, it’s very affordable, a plate of chicken alfredo costs $8 USD. Blended drinks cost almost as much as the food – a fresh, blended fruit punch costs $6 USD – not really worth it in my humble opinion because it still tastes like they used a syrup but this price is really decent for a hotel!


Dining Area – Room Resort, Ocho Rios


Flat Screen TV in Dining Area

On to my favourite part – The Room! (2.5 / 5 stars) 

Room doors are card operated – not always the case as you’ll see when I get to Dominica and Guyana. 

Bed at Rooms Resort

                 Bed at Rooms Resort

The Bed is comfy but mattress feels slightly worn – almost time to buy some new mattresses guys! 

Comfy Loveseat

Comfy Loveseat

However there is a pretty comfy loveseat with a plug nearby if you wanna chill out and check some email… oh wait, I’m typing this from the dining area because there’s no internet in the rooms. and I mean none. I don’t mean just wifi, I mean not even via cable. However, the fragrant smell of mary-j ( EDIT: NOT legal as i previously was told) is mellowing me out. 

TV located in armoire, chairless desk to far left

TV located in armoire, chairless desk to far left

You can watch some TV, presumably basic channels available (no guest book to tell you this) or you can sit at the chairless desk and work, or something.

Bathroom is clean but some grey marks in the bathtub (not pictured) made me wonder…. The closet is in the bathroom and that contains the safe, not sure why you want to keep your valuables where you bathe but I guess it works for some. Nb. No iron and board in room, must got to the Laundry room for these.

Room giveaways (need better name) are more than simple, no shampoo, conditioner or lotion here, just 2 small bars of soap. (1/5 stars)

Bathtub - behind the curtain lie grey marks as if something was dragged screaming down the drain...

Bathtub – behind the curtain lies grey marks as if something was dragged screaming down the drain…

This place has strangely fragrant toilet tissue...

This place has strangely fragrant toilet tissue…

Closet with Safe - located in the bathroom...

Closet with Safe – located in the bathroom…


As you’ve seen by the trend in ratings, this hotel gets a 2.5 / 5 stars. They lack a business centre which can be pretty essential to a Business Traveller’s (BT’s) cause, their food is bland which hurts everyone’s cause and their stain removal leaves something to be desired (seriously what happened in that bathtub?!) However the price is good – $88 USD per night for a standard car park view or $112 USD per night for an Ocean View (you get what you pay for?) and I love the couch. 

Have you stayed at Rooms? Do you agree/disagree? Feel free to comment. Alternately, if you haven’t gone anywhere at all and have only stayed on the couch, feel free to comment anyways. Night!

Happy Travels! -CBT


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