No I don’t mean the superbowl, I mean I’ve just landed in Jamrock (Jamaica to those of you who haven’t heard Damian Marley’s famous tune).It’s my first business trip of the year and I thought, what better time to start this blog.

My name is Ramona, a moniker I use only for business, each set of friends refers to me with some new, creative variation of this. I am a  Brands Developer for a Caribbean Aerosol manufacturer and my job takes me to 12 territories around the Caribbean and I get to stay in some nice, and not so nice, hotels. Since I began travelling about 3 years ago, I always thought it would be fun to rate the hotels and their amenities.  So, in the coming months I will be doing just that. As I go along I’ll be working out a rating system so that every location gets fair treatment.

I travel about once a month but I’ll try not to let the blog lapse when I’m local; to fill the gaps I’ll be adding my thoughts on various business related topics, nb. I may also rant.

Feel free to submit your own pics and ratings as well as suggest topics we can discuss.

Looking forward to blogging with you! 🙂

Regards, (<– ironically written but that’s a post for another time)


PS. I’m also doing my MBA with Durham University in England and that is quite the unforgiving program. So let me apologise in advance for any prolonged absences, bear with me as school comes first.


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