The Lesser of 2 Evils

Tomorrow is Election Day in our lovely little island of Barbados. Come Friday, Barbadians will have elected either the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) or the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Despite there being two parties, many people don’t feel that there is a real choice, it is felt that both parties are made of similar not so good stuff and the choice is really between the lesser of the two evils. You don’t want yourself or your product to be classed in a category like that. Instead of your customers or employers deciding which of their choices is least likely to haunt them, they should be excited by the variety that you bring to the table. It’s not enough to just get the vote or make the money, you need to cement your positive brand image in their minds or you’ll be out at the first sign of decent competition. So right now, the market is small or the firm is small and the customer or the boss needs your product or you but what happens when it expands? Don’t get comfy, don,t get caught sleeping. Strive to be the best, even when you’ve already got your customers’ or bosses’ votes.


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