I’m bored…


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You sigh and stare out the window for a bit, then you grab your sandwich and surf 9gag or some other site while you’re eating, you’re just taking a break right? or maybe you’re bored.

You’ve probably already written this one off; you can’t possibly be bored, you’ve got way too much work to do! Your desk is a sea of endless papers and your Outlook inbox is a mess of unanswered red flags (at least mine are) so how could you be bored? Well, “bored” really has nothing to do with the magnitude of work but rather the content of said work. You need to be engaged or at least remotely interested in what you’re doing if you hope to continue doing a good job and survive in the workplace. But, they’re not about to change your job description and you’re not about to change jobs so… what do you do?

You find your own way to make it interesting. Are you competitive? Have a private competition, I bet you can’t make 10 sales today…chicken ;). Are you driven by rewards? Set intermittent goals and reward yourself when you meet them, e.g. if I finish 10 sheets by lunch, I’m going to go buy myself <insert awesome dessert/cost effective item here>. You could also just introduce some more stimulation into the environment, are you allowed to bring a radio or mp3 player to listen to your favorite tunes? For me personally, when I’ve got tedious tasks to do like keying numbers into a spreadsheet (no calculation or analysis yet) I put on a ted talk (ted.com) or other inspirational or innovative vid from youtube.com. (Yes they let us access the web here, I’ve had to download coldturkey, a program designed to not let you use certain programs or browse certain sites for a specified period of time, to keep me on track. Very effective!)

However, if none of that works, maybe you need to look at moving on. Doesn’t mean you’re not grateful for your current job, just means you want to go someplace where you can perform at your best. 

Wishing you a productive and interesting day!

Notes: I’ve got a plan, a plan to update you guys on Tuesdays and Thursdays! But you know what they say about the best laid plans – they often go awry. So, bear with me if this plan sees some delays especially coming down to the end of March when my MBA assignments are due.


2 thoughts on “I’m bored…

  1. This may be a tad extreme for some people but I wake up early in the morning with targets in mind. The sooner I finish them, the sooner I can have breakfast. The growling of my belly motivates me lol

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