My Boss is … CLUELESS!

So, you think your boss is a clueless idiot . . . but is he/she really? Now now, not taking their side but hear me out for a second. Why do people think their bosses are clueless in the first place? Mostly because they appear not to have a *clue* what’s going on.

Image from via google search

Image from via google search

“What are the sales figures for this quarter? What is the status of this market? Where do we keep the signage?” etc etc etc and etc.

They ask countless questions, things you think they should already know, and you’ve got to answer them. It can get frustrating especially when trying to finish some other task they set but, technically, that’s our job. As the reporting officer, it’s your job to feed them information, so technically, your boss is only as good as the information they get. Think of them like a computer or calculator, if you don’t give it data, it can’t do its job, same with them. Of course there are those managers that will discard your information, or make you answer questions that they can easily answer themselves. But, next time you’re about to get frustrated by yet another “dumb” question, check yourself first. Did I give all this information before? Did I explain it properly? Did I make it easily accessible for future reference? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then by all means mentally throw a tantrum. (but only mentally.)*

So… is your boss really an idiot for the above reasons or otherwise? Have your tantrums in the comments below.

*disclaimer: CBT blog does not accept any liability for the outcomes of tantrums of any form.

Housekeeping: Welcome to my new follows and a thank you to all my existing readers! Wishing you a productive Friday (lol) and a fabulous weekend! 


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