A Culture of Dependency

Yesterday, I had an interaction with one of my country reps. (there are over 15 or so of those that I liaise with on a daily to bi-daily basis) which left me quite annoyed. Our orders are sent in containers and this lady wrote to us asking how much a container would hold. Sounds simple enough right? So why would it infuriate me? Several Reasons:

  1. This company has been sending orders about 3-6 times per year since I came here 3 years ago so they should be familiar with the ordering process.
  2. This individual has been in their position for at least 2 years before I arrived, therefore totaling 5 years of orders that she has been sending orders on her own.
  3. The maximum amount is NOTED ON THE ORDER FORM that she fills out to send to us.

courtesy google images

This is not an isolated incident however, I find that I often have to repeat myself with details that are easily accessible should my reps. look, or details that have been in place for a number of years that should be common knowledge. After 3 years of repeating myself I have begun to grow irritable and impatient. My irritation and impatience is also increased by the fact that should I need to have something repeated, said reps can become condescending and rude. Double Standard much?

Kind of a creepy pic yes, but I do feel like I feed the big monster baby instead of teaching it to fend for itself (image from google)

Kind of a creepy pic yes, but I do feel like I feed the big monster baby instead of teaching it to fend for itself (image from google)

So why do they think it ok to not fact-check or read documents in full before coming to us? Because we allow it that’s why. They know we will always take the time to hold their hands and walk them through and there will be no repercussions for missed deadlines or late orders besides “we are very disappointed…”. So as upsetting as it is, we have done it to ourselves, we have created a culture of dependency, we have allowed them to know that there is always a crutch whether they are lame or not, always an accepting grace whether they are deserving of it or not.

This needs to stop. You, dear reader, need to stop.

courtesy google images

courtesy google images

Search your life, professional or otherwise and see where you have allowed cultures of dependency to flourish and cull them at once. If you are busy carrying others, you cannot perform at your full potential. Also, I know many of you are brought up in the “The Customer is always Right” culture but there is a line between good customer service and downright parenting. Learn the difference and hold them, and yourself, to higher standards.

Have a great Tuesday!


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