Soft hearts in hard business

Who doesn’t love Homer? (image via google)

Yesterday, I realised I’d done a silly thing. I’d paid for a product before I received the final thing and now I will not get the full revisions that I’d asked for. Why did I do it when we all know that’s folly? Well… I’d been taking a while to get back to him with updates due to the heavy workload and then various times I needed to be out of office for a stretch. After he sent the “final draft” I was anxious to get him paid because he intoned that his staff had been waiting for a while. I felt terrible and I thought of all those poor people expecting their money and not being able to get it, or of him having to pay out of pocket and recoup the expenses. So I rushed to have the final invoice approved and get him paid immediately. “Ah, I feel better now! But wait, what’s this? errors?” Turns out the final thing was not so final after all and though he was courteous enough, I still haven’t got everything I need and have no leverage to get it.

hard heartAnd suddenly my soft heart hardened a bit. I realised that in business, you need to be a little selfish – as in self oriented. You need to make sure your bottom-line and goals are met first. You may not deal with suppliers but it comes down to that with internal dealings as well,cut your co-workers and employees some slack but not so much that you can’t pin them down when you need something. Because your performance begins and ends with you, you can’t make excuses no matter how valid when you consistently dont finish tasks, meet deadline or make budgets.

So harden your heart a little bit and get the job done. You can be as sweet as you want when you get home.

Think there’s room for soft hearts in business? Have your say below!

Housekeeping: Apologies for no post last Thursday, I forgot to set the update and then I kept putting it off to the point where I thought, well might as well wait for Tuesday then, lol. You know how that goes.


2 thoughts on “Soft hearts in hard business

  1. We need to consciously force ourselves to “sweat the small stuff” in the interest of creating a habit of excellence. Coming off as annoying or domineering is a small price to pay for quality results.

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