Branding is Perception!

Hi Guys,

Check out my friend and go-to for all things business-advice Corey Mcclean’s great blog on brands and perception. Loving the Scott Stratten quote at the top!


At every touchpoint my opinion of you goes up or down, there is no neutral. Scott Stratten. Unmarketing

When we think of brands we immediately begin to picture the Coca Colas, Apples and Sonys of the world but brands aren’t restricted to the “big boys.” Every business has a brand whether it is created on purpose or not.

Do you know what your brand is? Not what you say it is and have neatly typed in Arial font in your marketing plan, what it is in the eyes of your customer!

If you wanted to start running as exercise what brand of shoes would you go out and buy? More than likely your response was Nike. Am I right? But Nike isn’t the first choice of the more serious athletes (I’m not referring to the “I’m paid to wear these shoes athletes.”) Take an informal survey of the 47,000…

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