Not Motivated

Writing a paper on motivation that I am not at all motivated to write lol, and I got to wondering, what really motivates me?

Deadlines don’t really work – I meet them but I always end up down the wire (which might be more of a planning issue now that I think about it…), Increased Pay doesn’t really work – if it did I’d have perfect attendance! So what is it?

Well, I think it comes down to a matter of interest for me. Am I passionate about what I’m doing? Do I love what I am doing? Is it in a field I am interested in? The things that answer yes to those questions are what motivate me. So it will take me forever to research and write a paper on financial management but I have found myself reading up on film techniques, new tech advances or sifting through biology jargon quite happily for hours because it’s interesting to me.

I want this life(Via Google Images)

I want this life
(Via Google Images)

All the inspirational posters online talk about doing work you love so it doesn’t feel like work and it is true. Writing a paper on any of the topics above would be fun for me and it would be an awesome bonus to get good marks. I’m realising that doing what I’m supposed to, isn’t really working out as well as I think doing what I love would.

What are you passionate about today? and how do you plan to get there?


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