Put it Out There!

Seth Godin’s Blog today talked about “confront[ing] the fear and discomfort of being in the world and saying, “here, I made this,” “. Made me think about being at work and being tasked with coming up with “creative” and “out-of-the-box” ideas. No matter how often they say that, we still hold back a bit because people often say that but really, they want a toned down version of it. They want one foot still in the box, or more often than not, they just want us to paint the box a different colour.

TADAA!!!(image from dreamstime.com)

(image from dreamstime.com)

So we are often faced with the conundrum of how much of ourselves to put out there, how crazy/outlandish can we be without getting that scary disapproving look. But here’s a better question – in this globalised cluttered full of competition world, how crazy and outlandish can you NOT afford to be? Even if you don’t work in marketing and don’t have to worry about making a product stand-out, there is still yourself to worry about, how do you make yourself stand-out? Hard work is good yes but innovative work is better, so if you have a new way to format those spreadsheets, you let your boss know, it shows that you’re thinking and want to do a better job.

So today’s challenge – be courageous and share your outlandish, crazy, out-of-the-box idea.


One thought on “Put it Out There!

  1. I’ve found that people say they want the next big thing but most people consider innovation to be a new spin on something familiar and they are put off by new and different. Innovation and curve jumping inventions gain traction when there is a familiarity and context in the lives of the user.

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