The Moment of Truth

I’ve got a HUGE task to do at work right now, it’s the dreaded Half-Year Review (cue ominous music and loud female screams). We must go through all our territories (we export to 26), look at all our brands’ performances across these territories (we have 4 brands and 6 products) and report on year-to-date sales and budget spend, and then include projections. We try and monitor this throughout the year in various ways but somehow when it comes down to collating all that information at once, it morphs into a mammoth task. Mostly because it’s the moment of truth. It brings a lot of things to light – eg. it shows the (level of) efficiency of your monitoring efforts, plans and budgetary controls and quantifies them in an undeniable format. And nobody likes seeing just how wrong they’ve been. 

In these moments (of truth) we tend to focus on the negatives and beat ourselves up, when we really should be focusing on the way forward and figuring out how we can best fix the identified flaws. Perhaps that’s the culture of your business, where most of the time is spent berating you for all the things you did wrong instead of guiding you on how to fix them. If that’s the case, you have to create your own internal fix-it culture. The task is daunting, especially if it calls for you to change your entire mode of operation and/or thought process, but just remember that it is doable.



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