You Better Recognise!

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Here’s an Awesome Thank-you Ribbon!
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This brings us to Customer Recognition. It’s not always feasible to thank each and every customer, but wherever possible, you should acknowledge their contribution as their patronage is what keeps you afloat and thriving. They’re many ways you can do this ranging from the costly – such as giving them discounts and freebies – to the simple, -printing thank yous on the product, putting a note on your website – anything to let them know they’re appreciated. Trust me, it goes a long way!

“But I don’t deal with customers!”. Yes you do, you have internal customers – the people who need your services. eg. the boss that needs that report, the co-worker who gives their input on a decision. These people also need to be appreciated and acknowledged. Don’t you feel nice and motivated to work with someone again when they take a minute to say “thank you” and “good job”?

So recognise someone today! Thank you for reading! [see what I did there? 😉 ]

Tell me your customer recognition methods in the comments!


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