It’s The Little Things

Greetings from Jamaica, birthplace of this blog! Apologies for no post on Tuesday, work completely tired me out and I didn’t get a chance to set the content to post as I usually do.

I’m staying at the wonderful Courtleigh Hotel, this time with a luxurious King Bed. 


King Bed! (not a California one though)

However, said King Bed came at the expense of my balcony with mountain view. I still have a decent view though:


Day-time view from my room


Night-time view from my room

However this is the edited version, when I look down, I can see the dirty top of the lower level of the hotel, and I can see behind the hotel with the garbage cans and cleaning supplies etc. Kind of a spolier. 

The bathroom is lovely with a glass door and beautiful tiles:


Bathroom with Lovely marble-like tiles

However, right above the towel rack is a vent, a very dusty vent. And when I think of the air that is coming through there, the dusty air that I am breathing as I shower, it kinda tainted it. 

As I ironed this morning, the steam iron dripped water all over my shirt. I also had to go down to the front desk for soap. I usually bring my own in case but I forgot to replenish this time and the maid also forgot to replace the hotel issued bath wash. 

These things are minor but to a picky customer or someone in a bad mood, they can spoil it. Same goes for your own work, if you write a brilliant report and have spelling errors, that can spoil it for the reader. 

No one’s perfect but even with a good product or good reputation, you need to be mindful of the little things you can improve – clean that vent, check the iron, spell-check the document before you send it. Don’t get complacent, keep striving to be your best.

Have a great weekend guys, see you Tuesday! See below some other pics of the room 🙂


Flat screen Tv with great cable offering, also mini-fridge! (no honor bar though!)


beautiful sink and wall art


I should sit in this chair at least once before I leave…


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