You are a Brand!

When we think of brands we think of products – eg. Nike – shoes, athletic gear; Gerber – baby food etc etc. However Brands can be people and you, my dear reader, are a brand.

As we covered in last week’s post, a brand is the name under which products are produced and they evoke a feeling in a customer or cause said customer to make a certain association/assumption when they think about it. Your personal image is a brand and anyone that might need something from you be it your co-workers, family or friends, is  your customer.

So, what do people think when you pop into their heads, what are you known for? Everything you do contributes to your personal brand; so for example,  if people know to expect on-time work from you then your brand message is one of punctuality and reliability. However, if they know they can never get an honest answer out of you and your work is sloppy, then your brand is one of dishonesty and bad work ethic. This applies at home too, if you’re the one who never pitches in at family gatherings or says you’ll mow your grandmother’s yard but never, ever get around to it, your family “customers” see you as being unreliable. 

So take an honest look at yourself today, what is your personal brand saying to people and how can you improve? 

See you on Thursday for “No Radio Silence!”, a look at how to handle crisis management. 

Have a good one!


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