The Pegasus Hotel – Guyana / Goodness Gracious!

The last time I stayed here was quite unpleasant (let’s just say I had uninvited guests in my room… ) however I notified management and asked that they do a thorough sweep to ensure I’m happily alone this time. Now, I’ve got a pretty sweet room, see pictures below!

For those of you who came here looking for your daily dose of inspired business, well here’s a quick lesson: Be Gracious. 

As I mentioned above, my stay was less than pleasant last time but rather than hide my concerns from the very people who can fix them, rather than write on facebook, I wrote management a letter via email. However, I did not YELL or berate anyone, instead I was firm yet gracious. I know that the situation would have been most embarrassing for them and I wasn’t out to make anyone feel bad, I just wanted them to do better. To be fair, my graciousness was also inspired by a security guard stationed by the elevator, he was always so helpful and kind and polite, I just had to “pay it forward”. And it paid off – I got a nice room this time, much better than before. So be gracious and let people know their faults instead of telling others behind their backs. Be gracious whilst letting them know, you have every right to be mad but think of all the breaks you were given and pay some of that kindness forward, it goes a long way and it endears you to others. 

Now for a very brief look at the hotel room, I gotta run off to work!

Firm bed with fluffy comforter - I love comforters!

Firm bed with fluffy comforter – I love comforters!


*lamp didn’t work, why lamp why?


Soap is ok, cream is a bit chalky going on the skin


Overall I give it a solid 7 – 7.5. Pros: The decor is simple and nice, but i love the bathroom! it’s got a gorgeous tile pattern, and a square shower head! I’ve never seen a square one before. I’ve got a huge window that has a partial view of the hotel pool but it has a heavy curtain that keeps the light out, so the sun doesn’t wake me up too early.

Cons: The floor is COLD, like arctic cold, like me hopping from mat to bed and back again to ensure I don’t touch it. They should give bedroom slippers or something! The wi-fi is expensive ($10 USD per day!) and on top of that it’s slow, like struggling to load facebook slow! Lastly, there is no towel rack, no hand towel hook, no shelf in the shower to put soap etc. 

Ok guys, off to work, see you Thursday!


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