Give yourself Permission!

You work hard, we know this, so why can’t you take a break?

This ticket entitles you to a Break!
(image from google)

No I don’t mean vacation – I mean get up from your desk and get some tea/coffee/juice while staring out the window at the trees. Reports are due and you’re working hard but make time for lunch even if it’s just 15-20 mins to get some real food in your stomach.

Does that report need ALL of that detail? If you’re pressed for time, once the important stuff is there and it’s presented well, you can skip the bells and whistles this one time. I’m not saying to slack off, but a break is necessary, for your sanity, productivity and happiness. With no breaks you’ll make more mistakes, your fatigue will cloud your judgement and you want to do your best job. 

You can keep going yes but your body will break down, from the stress and the fatigue. So give yourself permission to take a break, all of your work will still get done, 15 minutes will make all the difference.

Tell me how you spend your breaks in the comments! Have a productive Friday and great weekend! See you Tuesday!


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