A World of Opportunity… literally!!

So… Linkedin.com just emailed me to suggest that I apply for a job. I assume because the requirements coincided with things that people had been endorsing me for. I took a casual gander at it … ok not so casual, I clicked so hard my mouse almost broke but before you judge me, it had a catchy title like “We’re looking for candidates like you!” Come on! lol.

a world of opportunityWhile it turns out I didn’t have enough experience for that particular job (needed like 15 years experience and I’d have had to take a job in primary school to get that much right now), below that were other suggested job offers. After half hour of clicking through, I’ve seen jobs in a wide range of geographical areas, from here in the Caribbean to Milan to Dubai, to India to Africa! It’s literally a world of opportunity! While we are aware that you need work permits etc., none of these jobs noted “locals only” so they definitely seem accepting of talent from anywhere.

So… feeling a little stuck? Go have a gander at the LinkedIn offers and send in some applications, you might get to travel. 😉

See you Thursday!

*nb. Perfect photo! Image thanks to google and globalsmallbusinessblog.com


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