I received some correspondence today from a lady looking to form her own company. She is currently employed at one of the companies that we work with and has been in contact with me for over 3 years. The document name had 2 typo errors (which is a lot for just 3 words!) but I tried not to be judgmental and opened to read. The first thing that greets me is address line with my name, department and position. Of those 3, she only got my name right. She put the incorrect department, no title and she spelt my company name wrong. My name, title, company name and address are in my signature on EVERY email I send. Couldn’t she just have copied it? I was hardly interested in reading further but I did. Her company wants to collect and compile data about our products and competing brands in the markets. Not being physically present in the islands, this is actually our local liaison company’s job, the very company she works for! … what?! Also, if the information ABOUT the company is hastily compiled and sloppily done, how can I expect detailed and well formulated reports from this person and their staff?

My mother always impressed upon me that First Impressions are Lasting Impressions, and in this case it was not very good. While I am not above giving anyone a second chance, in this fast paced world with several companies offering the same services, each trying to out-do the other and offering more and better, do we have the time to do so? Can you as a potential service provider afford give less than your best and risk needing said second chance?