You’re Stuck

You’re Stuck. That’s why you’re mad. That’s why you hate mondays, that’s why you’re snappy, that’s why you can’t see any of the good. You can’t see a way out and you think you might die at that desk/in that stockroom/behind that counter/<insert job location here>. 

19 firefighters died for the greater good, saving lives on Monday and I thought, if I died at work, would I be doing what I loved? Sadly no. It’s fun sometimes but I don’t think that I was born to do this. You probably feel the same way.

So how to get unstuck? Slowly chip away at the cement.

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  1. Admit you’re stuck, but admit it without prejudice or self-loathing.
  2. Realise that you CAN get unstuck.
  3. Figure out where you want to go, who you want to be, etc. you’re never too old, even when you think you are.
  4. Have a plan. e.g. maybe you wanted to play basketball but now your knees have gone out from age, so be a coach instead. just do whatever it takes to get close to what you wanted.
  5. Know that getting unstuck does not have to mean a complete life change. You don’t have to pack up the house, pull the kids out of school and move to the middle east to do meaningful work. Getting unstuck can be as simple as going to a swimming class after work to overcome a fear of water. Sometimes auxillary things can give your work meaning and they can lead you to where you really want to be.

It’s a process but a beautiful one. Start chipping at the cement right now. Get unstuck, get happy. 


What are you waiting for?!


Get going, time’s a-wastin’ !
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What are you waiting for? Until the time is right? It never will be. Until your friends come around to the idea? They won’t. Nobody believes in your dream like you (and if you don’t believe in it well, Houston we have a problem). You may not mind waiting but Time does (mind). While you wait around, time is going on and things are happening – markets are changing, customers are changing, technology is changing, will your idea keep through the ages? Someone else might just go ahead and do the very thing you were sitting on and you’ll kick yourself.

“But… I don’t have the skills!” Learn them as you go, or find a skilled partner that is ready to move NOW. 

“But I don’t have the money!” Apply for grants, borrow from family and banks, crowdfund on, find an angel investor, or just scale the idea down to something your own pocket can manage. 

“But I don’t have courage/ self-esteem/etc.!” This is the one that no one admits but the major obstacle of over 80% of dreams (by my amateur estimate). Fake it ’til you make it, whatever you work at becomes habit, so make confidence a habit.

“What if I get rejected?” You will, and often. But keep writing those letters and proposals. Keep producing your product and offering your service (with sensible modifications based on feedback of course!). 

Right, I broke all your excuses, now go out there and get started on a dream NOW! and tell me about it in the comments.