I'm sorry sir, we'll get to you soon! img: google

I’m sorry sir, we’ll get to you soon!
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I am behind on my dissertation. There. I admitted it. Said it out out loud instead of rushing by that uncomfortable thought and pushing it to the back of my mind like a nurse in the E.R. pushes a papercut to the back of the room screaming “Sit down sir! I’ve got a GSW to take care of, we’ll get to you as soon as we can!”. Except, there is no GSW, the dissertation is the priority that I’m glossing over. It’s just a papercut now but as I push it away, the papercut starts to turn green and smell, gangrene sets in and if I don’t act fast the whole finger will fall off and then the poor patient will die. I will die, of failure. 

But I get somehow paralysed. I overestimate the time I have and when I realise that time has run out, I freeze, not sure where to start. See, I’m GREAT at starting, FABULOUS at plans (my dissertation proposal was approved with not a single correction from my supervisor) but follow through is my weakness. I always think I have more time to chill than I do. I take breaks too early and never get back to my original task on time. Eg. Dissertation proposal finished? Awesome, I can chill for a week. That week turns into 6 and i’m like holy crap, what the hell happened to April?! oh shoot May’s gone too and it ate half of June!

Then that’s exactly where the paralysis hits. All I can see are those lost weeks, the decreased quality of life and work that I have inflicted on myself and I’m not sure how to make up the time. Can I really finish a 5500 word lit review in 2 weeks? I read like a snail! Worry and fear take over, gluing me to the ground and I look for escape, I play World of Warcraft and watch 4 seasons of Drop Dead Diva back to back, clicking next episode with the compulsion of an addict. 

But responsibility eventually bubbles to the surface like soup in a heated pot and spills over into my escapist reverie like a tsunami tide. I can’t ignore the papercut anymore, things are critical and we have to operate or lose the patient. “Sir! We’re ready for you! This way please and quickly!”

Gowns on and Glove up people, we’ve got work to do!

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On Tuesday, we finally got a meeting with a potential new account that it took me TWO YEARS to get. Two years of calls, follow-ups, being passed on to new personnel as they took the job, of waiting while the business restructuring got finalised and we could move forward. Now, if you think that’s bad, hear this: the company’s been trying to get an account in that area for …wait for it… TEN YEARS before I joined! Makes my two look like cake doesn’t it?

Anyways, the meeting went WELL! Once we get legal worked out, we should have our new account by August, our customers are excited and rearing to go! It’s really exciting to see something you work so hard on come out so well. 

No one wants to wait 10 years or even 2, but if you have to anyways, you better start now! Keep at it and it’ll pay off in ways you never dreamed of!

Have a productive Friday and a fab weekend!

What are you waiting for?!


Get going, time’s a-wastin’ !
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What are you waiting for? Until the time is right? It never will be. Until your friends come around to the idea? They won’t. Nobody believes in your dream like you (and if you don’t believe in it well, Houston we have a problem). You may not mind waiting but Time does (mind). While you wait around, time is going on and things are happening – markets are changing, customers are changing, technology is changing, will your idea keep through the ages? Someone else might just go ahead and do the very thing you were sitting on and you’ll kick yourself.

“But… I don’t have the skills!” Learn them as you go, or find a skilled partner that is ready to move NOW. 

“But I don’t have the money!” Apply for grants, borrow from family and banks, crowdfund on, find an angel investor, or just scale the idea down to something your own pocket can manage. 

“But I don’t have courage/ self-esteem/etc.!” This is the one that no one admits but the major obstacle of over 80% of dreams (by my amateur estimate). Fake it ’til you make it, whatever you work at becomes habit, so make confidence a habit.

“What if I get rejected?” You will, and often. But keep writing those letters and proposals. Keep producing your product and offering your service (with sensible modifications based on feedback of course!). 

Right, I broke all your excuses, now go out there and get started on a dream NOW! and tell me about it in the comments.

Bullets, Triggers and Guns

firing gunAre you the bullet, the gun or the trigger?

The Bullet is the key to getting the job done and it does it fast and furious, however the bullet cannot motivate or aim itself.

The Trigger is the motivator, it can’t do the job itself but it can sure get the bullets all fired up to do what needs to be done.

The Gun is the sum of these parts, a fully functioning whole capable of both motivating itself and doing the job. Or it can represent either the system that these two operate in or the person that gets them together.

Which are you? And how do you become the one you need to be?

Let me know in the comments.